South Australian industry is diverse, innovative and powerful, creating a fertile ground for hosting conventions. A highly strategic initiative, the Conventions Adelaide program, offers the support, networks and world leading expertise necessary to ensure convention bids and programs are a success.


Conventions Adelaide has formally engaged backing from a network of over 80 ‘Ambassadors’ who are all leaders in their respective fields, with many recognised nationally and internationally for their professional achievements and passionate supporters of attracting conventions to Adelaide.


The Ambassadors are drawn from South Australia’s key industry sectors representing diverse disciplines in medicine, science, innovation and commerce. Conventions Adelaide Ambassadors offer their time, advice, insights and connections to assist the Adelaide Convention Bureau and its clients to ensure attraction and delivery of successful major conventions, and importantly, support a convention’s goal of creating long lasting social and political legacies.


The Conventions Adelaide Ambassador Program brings together Adelaide’s best minds and influential leaders to enhance the reputation and profile of Adelaide on an international stage.