A bid is a qualified and targeted opportunity for the Adelaide Convention Bureau to attract a business event (convention, meeting, exhibition or incentive group) to South Australia.

Below is a general outline of the process linked to a successful business event bid. Time wise, the process can range from months to years depending on the nature of the business event.

  • Lead identification – sourcing the opportunity via dedicated research strategies
  • Business development – sales relationship and lead development with the client
  • Bid generation – Team Adelaide involvement in presentation of a tailored bid submission
  • Bid strategy – including lobbying, competitor analysis, marketing and negotiation
  • Post confirmation – Team Adelaide members advised of outcome through the iDSS Partner Interface Program notifications process and/or the SA Business Events Opportunities Report


Adelaide, South Australia has hosted hundreds of major international and national business events, ranging from medical, scientific and professional events to trade and special interest groups.

Below you can find two case studies (national and international), which were secured to Adelaide by the Adelaide Convention Bureau. Through research, various business development activities, strategic alliances and a ‘Team Adelaide’ collaboration these conferences were successful outcomes for the state of South Australia.

PDF   Case StudyNational Rural Health Conference 2013 (National).pdf
PDF   Case StudyThe International Cycle Planning Conference ‘Velo-city’ 2014 (International).pdf