In recent times the following notable organisations and publications have further underlined Adelaide, South Australia’s global credentials as an appealing, vibrant, affordable and accessible destination.

The Economist:
Named 10th in ‘Global Liveability Ranking’ for 2019.

Intelligent Community Forum:
One of the ‘Top 7 Intelligent Communities in the World’s Top Smart Cities’ in 2019.

Conde Nast Traveler:
One of the ‘Most Friendly Cities in the World’ in 2018.

Lonely Planet:
‘Best in Travel: Top 10 Regions to Visit’ in 2017 (South Australia).

Chicago Tribune:
‘In Australia, urban perfection is spelled Adelaide.’

National Geographic:
Adelaide is the first film in the National Geographic series about ‘Smart Cities of the World’

Australian Property Council:
‘Australia’s Most Liveable City’

The Spotlight is on Adelaide, South Australia and now is the time for organisers and delegates to meet in Adelaide and see for themselves!