Australia. It’s a country that inspires the imagination and evokes images of beautiful beaches, outback landscapes, welcoming people and a laid-back outdoor lifestyle. Let us show you a country brimming with unique experiences and destinations, and introduce you to a country that will go far beyond your expectations.

Australian experiences tend to leave a life-long impression. It’s not every day you can hold a koala, sail under the Sydney Harbour Bridge, or snorkel the Great Barrier Reef.

Adelaide’s central location on the continent gives delegates an ease of access to our neighbouring states. From the urban hubs of Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns and the Northern Territory, Australia offers an endless variety of experiences you can’t have anywhere else in the world.

Sydney is less than a two hour flight from Adelaide and allows delegates to see some of Australia’s most recognisable tourist destinations in the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. Delegates can climb the bridge and see one of the best known harbours on the planet from above, tour the Sydney Opera House and take a surfing lesson at Bondi Beach all in one day.

Cairns is a 3 hour flight from Adelaide. The northern city of Queensland is renowned for its tropical climate and easy access to the World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef and Wet Tropics Rainforest. Delegates can experience snorkeling with turtles in the Great Barrier Reef and zip-lining through the Daintree rainforest canopy as Cairns is the only place on earth where two World Heritage listed sites sit side by side.

Uluru in the Northern Territory is only a 2 hour flight from Adelaide and is a place where delegates can both lose and find themselves. It is a state rich in Aboriginal history and of rugged, natural beauty. Delegates can visit the iconic natural wonders of Uluru (Ayers Rock) and Kings Canyon all in a day.

Adelaide itself a city surrounded by world famous wine regions, beaches and South Australia’s largest mountain range, it offers some of the most unique delegate experiences in Australia. From being in the Barossa Valley and tasting wine produced in your birth year to exploring the Flinders Ranges by hot air balloon and experiencing what National Geographic describes as ‘the most unspoilt wilderness in the Asia Pacific’ (Kangaroo Island) delegates will be left amazed at what Adelaide, South Australia has to offer.

Let us show you in 2021.




Australia is a new but developed nation that has taken old world practices and created new world innovations to suit our climate and conditions. Having a location like Adelaide, Australia ‘get it right’ in our region has never been more important.

South Australia and Australia’s potato industry is globally small but increasingly significant. Australia’s proximity to Asia, biosecurity work and the ability to produce potatoes year-round provides an opportunity to combat food shortages associated with anticipated global population growth.

South Australia, although the driest state on the driest continent in the world, is the only location on the planet that can produce potatoes year-round. This is due to a combination of our climate and the niche refinement of current global practice, mainly with production and irrigation. The production of irrigated broad acre horticulture in our dry state demonstrates extraordinary agronomic and water efficencies. The mix of climate and innovations creates a competitive advantage to fulfil demand and enabling a supply of premium product around Australia and into Asia.

Hosting WPC 2021 in Adelaide, South Australia provides the opportunity for the transfer of knowledge of technological innovation – ‘Old World meets New World’. It will also enable better business and research connections with WPC delegates to encourage engagement and collaboration to future proof the Industry through these advances. It is an opportunity for world leaders and key stake holders in the Potato Industry value chain to congregate in the ‘agribusiness state of Australia’.




“To help fund Potato Industry Research & Development and Education in developing countries, if Adelaide is successful in 2021 we will create a charitable trust-governance structure.”
Adelaide Bid Committee, 2017

The Trust is being designed to ultimately assist in eradicating extreme poverty and hunger, develop global partnerships and encourage information sharing and increase education and nutritional standards.

This fund will be a charitable trust-governance structure that will be inaugural in 2021. We envisage 10-15% of profits from future WPC events (2021 inclusive) being donated to the fund as well as being set up in a way that other countries, companies, corporate sponsors and individuals can also contribute at any time.

The trustees would consist of three WPC International Committee members, one Australian and one from the Netherlands. Developing nations would go through a submission process to access funds (meeting criteria of our industry growth platform) and the findings and successful nation will be awarded at the conference in 2024 and be ongoing. The process would be similar to a tender process with the 5 trustees reviewing the submissions and findings and selecting 1-3 nations depending on the amount of money sought and available.

Adelaide’s bid committee vision is to leave a legacy that extends further than the shores of our countries and lasts longer than the 2021 World Potato Congress.