Securing host rights for a convention of business event will generate significant benefits for a particular industry or area of specialty in addition to providing strong support to the economy.

Specific benefits of hosting a convention in Adelaide may include;

  • Showcase Adelaide and Australia’s achievements within an industry or area of specialty to the world.
  • Identify new research links and grant opportunities.
  • Stimulate trade and investment opportunities for your peers, clients and stakeholders.
  • Attract globally recognised leaders to support the development of future leaders.
  • Provide the opportunity for local professionals and students to attend a world class convention or event without the expense of travelling overseas.
  • Generate significant economic benefit as a result of visitor expenditure, business transactions and job creation. Each year Business events contribute $17+ billion and create 200,000+ jobs across Australia.


The ACB is the peak non-profit body responsible for attracting successful conventions and business events to Adelaide, South Australia.

The ACB’s Conventions Adelaide Program has been designed to support conventions that are relevant to Adelaide’s primary areas of industry and specialty

The ACB provides a range of FREE professional services designed to allow bid leaders to focus valuable and time and resources on the top line goals of the event. These include, but are not limited to, the following;

  • Targeted research to inform the value and scope of the bid opportunity.
  • Work in partnership with bid leaders to produce a targeted bid strategy.
  • Preparation of professional bid proposals and associated presentations.
  • Sourcing of the best venues, accommodation and operators.
  • Hosting and coordination of targeted site inspections for key decision makers.
  • Engagement of leading Australian Professional Conference Organisers (PCO’s) as required.
  • Generation of considered budgets, highlighting the viability and potential of the event.
  • Assistance and advice with regard to the engagement of Government, local industry, and leaders from the specific field of specialty.
  • Support from a growing network of Conventions Adelaide Ambassadors.
  • Advice with regard to sponsorship generation.
  • Event marketing support and activity to maximise attendance at the event.
  • Assistance with the generation of media coverage for the event
  • Solutions for pre/post event touring requirements
  • Provision of impactful promotional material, including access to a range of rich media resources.


Contact the ACB and enquire about the support of the Conventions Adelaide program.

Following this one the ACB’s business development specialists will contact you to further discuss the opportunity.